Argentina honeymoon: best experiences

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Argentina honeymoon: best experiences


Argentina honeymoon: best experiences

Planning a honeymoon can be something fun, entertaining, and challenging at the same time, particularly if the chosen destination is a remote place, on the other side of the world. Most couples are concerned about how to find a convenient balance between “visiting the highlights” and doing something special.


The top argentina tourist attractions require you to be in the country for over a month, which is usually too much. Therefore, it is very helpful to get to know the places and activities that match with your travel style, especially if it’s a honeymoon.  


Even though there are unlimited travel styles, you can get inspired and build some travel ideas around the following experiences, making the best out of your trip:  


Argentina honeymoon: Luxury


Many people see their honeymoon as the perfect chance to enjoy the privileges that come along with the high-end itineraries: comfort, relaxation, and personalized attention.  Unique experiences with a high level of lifestyle.


Helicopter: Ushuaia, Iguazu Falls & Tigre Delta from the sky


Witnessing the largest waterfalls in the world with views over the superb Devils Throat is an amazing spectacle for a honeymoon.


Furthermore, at the very end of the world, in Ushuaia, there are a lot of flight itineraries: from flying over the Andean Cordillera—the only place where you can cross it, from west to east, to heli-skiing through slopes of virgin snow. The lakes, mountains and forests combined with the city and the Beagle Channel behind will give your honeymoon a unique ingredient.


The Tigre Delta in Buenos Aires is one of the largest deltas in the world. Navigating through the channels is nice, but looking at them from above can be even better!     


An all-inclusive honeymoon in Argentina:  


The concept of an all-inclusive honeymoon in Argentina is quite different from the rest of the world. Here, the experiences outside the hotel are usually more important than those inside the building.  


Nevertheless, there is a group of selected hotels that have learned how to surprise their guests to create the same impact: if they are outside, they can be amazed by the beauty of a Glacier, and if they are inside, they are taken care of like anywhere else.  The EOLO Hotel in El Calafate is a great sample of where to stay during your honeymoon.


Cruises:  Glacier Perito Moreno and Chilean Fjords
Navigating the Fjords at the End of the World from Ushuaia to Punta Arenas, or getting delighted by a lunch gourmet in front of a Glacier are just some of the highlights that you can live during your honeymoon in Patagonia. They only last 3-4 days for the Fjords, and 2-3 days for the option in El Calafate. Therefore, it’s very easy to combine it with other experiences in Argentina.


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Argentina honeymoon : Romantic couples


Those who want to live a romantic and epic honeymoon in Argentina shouldn’t miss the sunsets at any Estancia or the chance to contemplate the dawn from a balloon.


Buenos Aires, Salta, and Atacama (Chile) are three different sceneries where you can witness the dawn from a hot-air balloon.  This is awesome, not only for a honeymoon, but also for any other kind of trip. Regarding the Estancias, those in Cafayate (Salta), El Calafate, Mendoza, and Ibera Wetlands are particularly special if you want to see unforgettable sunsets.

Argentina Honeymoon: Foodies!

There is an expression in Argentina that says: “panza llena, corazón content” (that can be translated as “full belly, happy heart”).  With good food, your honeymoon and all the other aspects of your trip are going to be all right.

Buenos Aires has been named the Gastronomic Capital for Ibero-America in 2017. Therefore, it is a must to stay there at least 5 days to figure out why.  In Ushuaia, the black hake and the spider crab are the typical treats. The black hake breeds in the deep and cold waters of Le Maire strait, storing thick layers of fat that give the fish a special flavor.

Mendoza is the land of the best Malbec in the world. You can even create your own wine! The wine lodges surrounded by vineyards are the unbeatable choices for accommodation for a honeymoon.  Cafayate, in Salta, is also a wine region, but for the Torrontes (white) type.  The gastronomic options in Salta and the Northwest of Argentina are influenced by the colonial and Pre-Columain cuisines.


The patagonic lamb in El Calafate, the chocolates in Bariloche, the fish in Ibera Wetlands, the empanadas in Tucuman… The list of flavors you can taste during your honeymoon is as long as the food you want to try.  It’s also important to mention that the options for veggies are better and better because many people are choosing this way of life.  


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Argentina honeymoon:  Wildlife lovers  

Peninsula Valdes in Southern Patagonia is a sanctuary for ocean wild life in Argentina. Every year, thousands of penguins come to this region to share the territory with Southern Right Whales, Orcas,  Elephant Seals, Dolphins, Foxes, Rheas, Maras, Armadillos and an uncountable list of birds and other species. One of the best activities during your honeymoon is snorkeling with sea lions.


Esteros del Ibera (wetlands) is known as the Argentine Pantanal due to its similarities with the fauna and flora of Pantanal, in Brazil.  Lots of caimans and capybaras gather around the lagoon together with very singular birds and other species.  


Argentina honeymoon:  Trekking and Adventure


Definitively, this is the honeymoon for active travelers. It’s highly recommended to consider the chance of exploring the trekking trails in Torres del Paine (Chile) and El Chalten (Argentina, Fitz Roy Trek). Both places are not far from each other and the variety of landscapes is so big that it is impossible to get bored.


Glaciers, rivers, lagoons, forests, hundreds of amazing views will delight you at every step. Highlights:  Mount Fitz Roy, Cerro Torre, W Trek, the Horns, and the Towers. You can easily combine them with the Glacier Perito Moreno to live a memorable honeymoon!
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