Andalucian Spain a Treat to Travel on Work or Pleasure

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Why Andalucian Spain is a Treat to Travel on Work or Pleasure

Andalucian Spain a Treat to Travel on Work or Pleasure

Spain’s southernmost territory, Andalucía evokes a smorgasborard of images. From flamenco dancers and music, to fragrant orange blossoms, bone dry sherry, bullfights, craggy hilltops atop which small villages flourish and Moor castle ruins, Spain has something to offer the discerning holidayer, whether visiting on business or pleasure. You can make the most out of your journey while travelling with a bus rental for events in Spain.

10 days in andalucia spain | Europe Forum | Fodor’s Travel …

Please help. I am planning 10 days in March 2016 and the more I read the more I change my plans. I was planning on driving and will start and end in Valencia.(unless there is a better place)? then the rest is up in the air.


When to Visit

Spring is the best time to visit this region, as the heat can get too oppresive in summer. Though if you’re looking for a good deal, the period between September to October is ideal, as you can still wear lighter garments whilst enjoy cheaper travel and accommodation.

Andalucian Spain a Treat to Travel on Work or Pleasure

How to Plan your Travel

You can make the most of your travel to Spain by planning it well. The ideal holiday for taking in all the sights of the scintillating Spanish region can be done in a period of two weeks. Ensure that you visit three of Andalucia’s landmark cities, including Granada, Seville and Cordoba.

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Bask in the Grandeur of Granada

Renowned for its majestic palace and fortress, the Alhambra has been an inspiration for may a literary masters. It has been described as a ‘pearl set in emeralds,’ alluding to the light colour of its buildings, which are surrounded by woods.

Take in the Sereness of Seville

Historically resplendant with the breathtakingly ornamented Alcazar palace and grand cathedral, Seville is home to flamenco dancing. Our advice is to savour the flamenco in a local pub for free along with a carafe of sangria, rather than at a ‘tablau’ or public performance where entrance tickets can be quite high.


The multiarched mosque, Mezquita constructed by the Moors, is an architectural landmark. It is reminiscent of Spain’s past when Cordoba was the capital of Islamic Spain. This city is best explored by foot or bicycle.

Round up your trip with a visit to the ocean front of the Costa de la Luz in Cadiz, which is the oldest inhabited city in Europe. Climb the steps of the Cathedral of Cadiz Santa Cruz and take in the soothing sea breeze of the Atlantic.

Places to go in Andalucia, Spain to enjoy the Spanish coast

Spain‘s remarkable southern coastline has all the ingredients that a sun seeking holidaymaker desires. But where are the best places to go in Andalucia?



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