Airbnb related GDPR scam alert

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Airbnb related GDPR scam alert

Journalists from an Austrian publication make an analysis of the data protection regulation, reaching some shocking conclusions.

Kurier writes that the rules imposed by the GDPR could cause an inconvenience to those who were uncomfortable. “To be honest, if you want to continue using Google and Facebook, you will blindly accept the terms and conditions pages.But it will be much easier to remove your address from a small business mailing list (if you are not sure). This could mean that businesses will have to use Google to continue to reach customers … “, says the Austrian publication.

At the same time, the regulation is also criticized by a German publication, which warns that it does not provide answers to many questions.

Police warning over GDPR email scams – here’s what to look out for

1 day ago THE POLICE are warning that the EU’s new GDPR privacy rules have prompted a wave of scam emails and texts as fraudsters masquerade as …


“How can a company be forced to provide transparency about algorithms, for example? It will not take long before computers can be trained to make important decisions for millions – in traffic, shopping and looking for a job. Companies are already using algorithms to view job applications. How can we ensure that it does not discriminate against any applicant? What authority can verify this? What barriers do the state have to do here? Answers to such questions would increase people’s confidence in new technologies. GDPR deals with the important subject matter but does not provide rules for key topics of the future, “writes German Handelsblatt.

Last but not least, Irish Examiner points out that once the new regulation is adopted, cybercriminals will flood Europe with “spam by email about GDPR”

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Digital security experts have already warned that users are exposed to sophisticated phishing scamsAirbnb Reservation Center customers are among those who have fallen victim to the scam. Criminals send false GDPR notifications to customers asking them to confirm their login or personal information, “writes the Irish publication.

The Netherlands took a serious action against Airbnb

Airbnb has quickly become one of the most popular accommodation services when you go on holiday. More and more people prefer “on demand” to the detriment of traditional ones, and much faster payment processing contributes to this choice.The popularity of the service has given rise to more or less conventional businesses. People started buying or renting apartments to list Airbnb for profit. Even though most countries do not have a problem with this, it is not the case of the Netherlands, namely Amsterdam, who was tired of Airbnb tenants.

If until now the citizens of Amsterdam, one of the most visited cities in the world, were allowed to rent their dwellings through Airbnb for 60 days a year, this period was now reduced to 30 days due to the disaffection of the tenants in the various buildings of homes that no longer tasted of the “diversity” of sporadic neighbors, some of them even scandalous.

Practically, for a city assaulted by millions of tourists every year, such a decision would reduce the number of scandals broke in certain areas and would even help to decongest traffic in an overcrowded city. Several tourist centers, such as Paris, London or New York, also resort to laws limiting the duration of the Airbnb rental of a home.

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8 Cities Cracking Down on Airbnb – Photos – Condé Nast Traveler

Jun 2, 2017 Despite the advantages of the home-sharing site, not everyone is enthused about many of its variables: Here, eight places that are looking to crack down—or have already done so.
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