Add some luxury to your next trip

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Add some luxury to your next trip

Add some luxury to your next trip

Sometimes when you are on holiday, or travelling for business, you want to give yourself an added touch of luxury to add pep to the trip. Chauffeur driven car rental is the perfect option here as it enables you to get effortlessly to all of your destinations without having to worry about negotiating directions in a foreign country or city, or denying yourself that extra glass of exquisite local wine before you need to take to the road to get back to your hotel after dinner.

Meet and greet services show you a friendly face when you are travelling

If you are travelling alone, it can be great to have a friendly face welcoming you at the airport, and coming to greet you after a business engagement or a long day of sight seeing. This is another advantage of opting for a package of car hire plus chauffeur instead of driving yourself around. Especially if you have had a long flight to reach your destination, it can be so comforting to have somebody come to meet you and help you to get straight to where you need to be without any stress or hassle required on your part.

Book a professional meet and greet transport service with Icar today

If you are looking for a chauffeur who will drive you around and also provide you with a fantastic meet and greet service, then Icar is a brilliant company to work with. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, Icar drivers are dedicated to ensuring their customers’ comfort and enjoyment for every trip. They are skilled at all kinds of trips, from sight seeing ventures to the palaces of Paris to entrepreneurial road shows and other executive events. What is more, they only drive the best cars around! Visit their interesting and informative website to find out more about their service and book chauffeur driven car hire.


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