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A young Brazilian about travelling in Romania

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A young Brazilian about travelling in Romania 1
A young Brazilian about travelling in Romania

A young Brazilian about travelling in Romania

A young man from Brazil who spent more time in our country and wrote on his Facebook account and impressions about Romania.

Fernando Castilho Cintra, a young Brazilian, has published on a social network his travel impressions about Romania.He humorously describes what he liked and disliked as he wandered in Romania. Here are the 60 conclusions Fernando: Dracula is a vampire outside Romania Vlad the Impaler is a national hero. While vampires drink blood, true red preparation that I liked to drink was vişinată. Another drink “devilish” is vodka, brandy but Hungarians call the same. Most Moldavia, Wallachia, no idea what happens to Hungarians in Transylvania.

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The young man called Fernando Castilho Cintra and plays with a fine humor, the main feature – as we noted it – the country and its inhabitants, writes touristinromania.net.

Romanians smoke many cigarettes absurd. Smoking at home, restaurant and even shopping malls. Romanians always remove their shoes when entering the house. I think Romanians prefer to keep the floor clean rather than the lungs.

Travelling in Romania is one of the best memories that I have. Rivers, hills, mountains, have them all. When you travel through Romania will go on the roads here. They are in good condition but have a number of curves absurd. While traveling, you may need the toilet. But do not worry, there are so many houses one side of the road that is easier to get to a toilet true than behind bushes.

Maramures is a cheerful place. Cheerful, cheerful costumes, bright colors, even a merry cemetery. The only thing that’s not cheerful in Maramures are shepherds dogs. Not happy. Not like you. Get Away. In fact, unless you’re in a city, whenever you see a dog in Romania, run.

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Romanians love meat Stuffed cabbage, stew, bacon, sausage, you all, those who eat meat Romanians eat soup every day of their lives. Taxis in Romania are ridiculously cheap. In Bucharest reach 1.29 lei per kilometer. Another extremely easy to move is hitchhiking. Romanians do that, and take the opportunity to turn people. Romanians also expect to pay if you take away.

You can say, of course, “no money” before you get in your car, but you can get a frustrated driver yelling “shut the door”. My favorite means of transport were still trains inter regio. They’re cheap, comfortable, come on time and often are not crowded. However, you can make a 12 hour train journey from Suceava to Mures, turning up the New Year holidays. Then you know what really “busy”.

Romanians love to ski. Skiing in Romania is abrud cheap. It took me three days to learn to ski. Skiing is not for Brazilians or residents of other tropical countries. Once you learn but you will love and you will open a new door to my favorite part of Romania: Mountains. Romania has the most beautiful scenery you’ve ever seen in my life. All mountain peaks. Romanian mountains are very well marked trails for hikers, cottages for tourists to stay overnight and places where people can camp bolder. So far would have to guess that making such a journey would be absurdly cheap.

Interestingly, many were never in Romanian mountains. Even more interesting is that Romanians overestimate some relatively expensive places such as the monasteries of Bucovina Mamaia, and underestimate the amazing places like Bucharest. Bucharest is a city great. There is of course the architecture of Budapest, Krakow and other cities in Eastern Europe but has museums, parks and nightlife that few cities have. People say that there are many stray dogs in Bucharest They chased several dogs any day bike ride than for a week while I was in Bucharest. Honestly, I’ve never seen stray dogs in Bucharest.

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Romania is beautiful. Sounds nice and can be learned by Brazilians. “The beef is not starving.” And my google translator thought I was writing in Portuguese. However, the most “dark” part of the Romanian language is dative. DAAAATIIIIV AHHHHHH !!!! Can you say “I’m hungry,” I’m thirsty, “I’m sleepy” but not POTA saying “I’m tired” AAAAHHH DATIIIIIV !!!! Romanians speak with shoulder movement. Look !. When someone says, “Well, I do not know …”.

Do the same exercise and watch their mouth and chin. Hungarians will not admit, but Romanian accent. The way of saying “do not know” is the same as saying “nem tudom”. My favorite way to practice my Romanian language was that I circulated drivers. I often wondered seek God in such a country if you are Brazilian. These drivers did not know that the Romanian health system is great, it has a lower mortality rate than Norway and the fastest growth among the countries of Eastern Europe.

In general,  Romanians complain. They will find a reason to complain, politics, economics, society. Wrong I learned that 4 seasons means hot summers, cold autumns, cold winters and springs full of freshness. Romania has all 4 seasons with two great advantages to the countries of the north: winter sun and summer have not cloudy. Romania has a beautiful wildlife: deer can be seen frequently, chamois can be seen on certain occasions, bears and wolves are invisible. The “close” to a bear I was when I reached his footsteps.

Romanians are Latinos in terms of language, but not so in terms of Latin blood. When you walk into an office must shake hands men and women just need to look into. I expected the Romanians, the Brazilian to play football very well. Terrible mistake Four months after the World Cup I hear “So its like Germany.”

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Most Romanians 18 have two things in mind. 1. To move to the UK. 2. To move to any other country except Romania. While Romanians dreams go, I dream that one day I will return. We also recommend: Photo Two young men from Sibiu and a smart business: Holiday in the farm, barn attic movies, carriage rides and food grandmother home

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