A trip around the world can change your life

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A trip around the world can change your life

A trip around the world can change your life

Cartella and Stevo Dirnberger, couple who went on a trip around the globe, wrote in an online article about the less pleasant aspects of their adventure.

Earlier this year, the couple gave up stable jobs and ventured into an unforgettable trip. The two tourists write about their adventures on a blog entitled “How Far From Home”, where public and photos from the trip.

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Latrine in GreeceAt first glance, they seem to live a wonderful life, far from routine office work. But young people will know and hidden aspects of their adventure: you do yoga on a beach in Greece, Chanel and Stevo Dirnberger Cartella wash toilets and doing housework for money.

“After reading several times materials online social sites, it seemed that live a perfect life,” wrote Chanel. “Do not misunderstand me – live a good life. It’s amazing. But it is not confined only to ice cream enjoyed on sun lounger and landscapes “.


In fact, writes woman, you do not take pictures in places where there is great, the two young people accept jobs “tiring and dirty”.


“I think so far we scrub 135 toilets, we collected 250 kg of dung, I excavated 2 tons of stones, 57 beds and I did not remember exactly how many glasses of wine I washed. I left Johannesburg and got the luxury of volunteer jobs “brutal”, so we are at the other end of the social scale. We septage, collect dog shit, sell vegetables on the market, we shovel, “he told the girl.Cartella offered as proof a link to the company website works for, Workaway. It connects travelers willing to serve various activities in exchange for food and a roof over your head, write buzzfeed.com.

“We eat just jam and biscuits”

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And even if you work hard, he explained Cartella sometimes left without the necessary things of daily life. “While our friends in Norway and bought beer and sweets, we have allowed only dental floss and nothing more. The budget is very limited, we are obliged to use our creativity (and small talk) to solve our problems, “he told the girl.

“Not in the best physical shape. We eat most often jam and biscuits, we sleep about 5 hours a night and hauling bags very heavy on the street at one o’clock, trying to find a place to stay (because we do not want to give money on bus fares) “Cartella said.

On the other hand, the experience of such a life is worth every sacrifice, according to the young.”For us it is like a paradise,” she wrote. “Of course, we need to gather wood to haul garbage, but after work, we are free to explore, to walk through the city and be alone with our thoughts.”

“Nothing compares to when clean toilets, to get money, some food, a place overhead. So learn all about humility, modesty, life and the importance of enjoying each day as if it were your last, “concluded tourists.

A couple of 25-year US discovered ” secret ” almost free trips around the world: hunt for the best deals, accumulate loyalty points which turns into thousands of miles you can fly free, first class.

At 13, Ben Schlappig discovered a forum dedicated to those who are looking for a hobby. Most talked about travel, but said they did not have enough money for all countries where it wants to go.And Schlappig came from a modest family, so he proposed that, one day, to get to fly around the world without paying a penny.

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The young man began to accumulate miles starting with the best flight deals inside the United States. For 10 years, Schlappig has accumulated so many advantages that now can move anywhere in the world without paying.

Now Schlappig travels 643,000 kilometers per year on average by plane, most often in first class, sleeping in luxury hotels and eat in luxury restaurants at the airport, telling their experiences on their travel blog, writes the Telegraph .

Recently, the young man visited China, and is now in Germany, where visiting castles on the Rhine valley.

Jeremy Jacobson and Winnie Tseng lived frugally for ten years to retire early and have time and financial opportunities to explore the world.

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Jeremy Jacobson and his partner Winnie Tseng life with their older son Julian eight years, traveling around the world, having lived frugally for ten years, investing and all the money. The two were retired when they were less than 30 years. The couple, who had a normal life in Australia before embarking on this adventure, says she has gathered a portfolio worth several million dollars leading a life devoid of eccentricities and unnecessary things.

According to the couple, the key to avoiding premature retirement living consumerism and reduced to a minimum. On their blog, Go Curry Cracker, the two talk about their lives, about low-income families they come from and where they grew up, and about the loans they have made to the bank to be able to go to college. The two were able to overcome their modest origins by selling the house and their car and saving money every day. Ten years later, the couple had saved more than 70% of revenue, then investing all your money on the stock market.

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Jacobson and Tseng now live dividend amounting to 2883 pounds per month, according to The Sun. Among their most recent trips include those made in GuatemalaBelizeEcuadorTaiwanJapan and Thailand. Currently, they are on the island of Penang in Malaysia and believes that they still have about 60 years of travel in the front.

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You meet newness every step When you get out of home comfort and leave behind familiar elements – like language, weather, food, people – you start to look at the world and yourself from a new light. Things that seemed to you uncomfortably or frightening before – to take a meal alone in a restaurant or to plunge from somebody who knows what rock in the blue waters of a distant sea – do not give you creeps on your spine and you can see that you are capable to launch in growing challenges. If you are planning a trip to India, consider what it is like to be ambidextrous.

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