9 of the ugliest cities in the world

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KTTG: 9 of the ugliest cities in the world

9 of the ugliest cities in the world

Certainly, every country in the world has places where architecture is poor, cities that are not “friendly” people, or industrial concrete jungle. This is the idea which was based rankings done by a travel portal, which included ten large cities or capitals worldwide.

Top 21 Absolutely Ugliest Cities In The World | Cities Journal

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. Ugly, on the other hand, is pretty obvious to everyone. For example, consider the undeniable ugliness of certain cities.


Ucityguides.com tourism portal has achieved a top ten of the least attractive cities in the world, considered true concrete jungle or “victims” of urban plans uninspired. “Those who live in any of these cities, certainly will not agree with this ranking. But this is a list made as objectively as possible, with those cities that might be great, but detests a lot of reasons “as reasons for its choices portal publishers.

Ugliest cities in the world

1. Guatemala City (Guatemala), Guatemala Capital Guatemala, a country of beautiful otherwise, is likened to a “swamp” rather than a city worthy of the capital, where “most buildings seems to have less and collapse.”


2. Mexico City (Mexico), Mexico One of the most polluted cities in the world, Mexico City is not one of the most beautiful cities, lacking pleasant areas for which a capital or major city need to become tempting for tourists.3. Amman, Jordan The country boasts one of the most beautiful historical sites in the world, Petra, and not part of a capital match. Amman is described as a city suitable only if you prefer to see “dirty and chaotic streets, alongside office buildings representing ugly that looks as if it will destroy one another” not recommended except as a starting point to other places in the country.


4. Caracas, Venezuela Venezuela, the country recognized for the beauty of women here has a capital not just pleasing to the eye. “Hair central neighborhoods built without a plan and are devoid of style”, according Ucityguides.com.


5. Luanda, Angola Its economic development does not appear to be beneficial to the overall look of the place where occur overnight apartment buildings with dozens of floors, but no little charm.
6. Chisinau, Moldova Moldovan capital of Ucityguides.com is cataloged as a city that “does not delight the eye.” “An industrial city, studded Soviet-style apartment buildings, most dilapidated (and not too clean). There are many cities unappealing learned from the Soviet era in Eastern Europe, but if you expect more from a capital “as stated publishers tourism portal.7. Houston, Texas “Houston, we have a problem: you are an ugly city” shows on the fourth US city with the largest populations. “Although there are other American cities that are not just beautiful, including Atlanta and Cleveland, he should receive the title of ugliest of them all,” according to the editors of the portal, noting urban landscape that seems to override any rule.


7. Detroit, Michigan “Dirty, depraved, built of brick, concrete and glass” Detroit is another American city unsatisfactory appearance, where the crime rate is among the highest in the country, and much of the population is impoverished, problems that reflctă and general appearance of the city.


8. Sao Paulo, Brazil Sao Paulo is a city where you can be satisfied “if you go to shop or eat in restaurants here, but that does not prevent him from being a concrete jungle really distasteful”, argue the editors of the portal. At the opposite pole is located Rio de Janeiro, where it seems that focused efforts to build a beautiful city.


9. Los Angeles, California Not only highways blocked permanently because of traffic led to the inclusion Los Angeles on the list, but also because despite its proximity to Hollywood and the beaches, the city itself is not nearly as interesting as you imagine . In addition, it can be considered one of the least friendly cities with those who want to get around without a car, Ucityguides.com notes.

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