6 myths about flying

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6 myths about flying

6 myths about flying

Fed up with seeing that people believe all sorts of wonders related of flying, the pilot decided to dismantle at least some of these myths that continue to scare many and fueling fear of traveling by air.

Confessions of a Pilot: Debunking the Biggest Air Travel Myths

Commercial air travel has long been a breeding ground for myths, urban legends, and plain old misunderstandings. Most of what people think they know about flying is wrong, and certain notions just never seem to die. Below are just a few of the most …


British driver Patrick Smith, author of “Cockpit Confidential,” which also has a blog which provides interesting information about what requires work, explained in “The Independent” truth behind the most famous myths about the flight. Feces discharged planes in flight It’s a myth circulating for decades, but without any real basis to have. Keeps feces tanks until the aircraft lands and then emptied of specialized personnel at the airport.

The air in the plane is an infection Many people believe that an enclosed space, fairly small, such as an aircraft cabin is a real health hazard, especially since passengers may be sick. Eventually, any crowded space may be included in this category, but air ticket is surprisingly clean. Most from the outside, and the rest is recycled, but all the air is filtered through a highly efficient system. What should worry you more than the air you breathe are plane surfaces that may have been touched by people suffering from flu or other illnesses: lock the toilet, chair arms, folding table, etc.

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Common Myths About Flying You Shouldn’t Believe

Because the dudes on MythBusters can’t spend every episode disproving outrageous claims people make about airplanes, we reached out to pilot, air travel blogger, and author of Cockpit Confidential, Patrick Smith, to help us bust 11 of the most popular …


Plane door can be opened in flight Although security measures will be taken if anyone proceeds to pull the door handle in flight, this door has no chance to open. Not by force of arms, at least. When the plane is pressurized, the door is still blocked by huge pressure acting on the fuselage while flying at high altitude. Would require a hydraulic jack to have a chance to open, and such items are not allowed on board the plane, the pilot points out the irony.

The plane can fly only when it is put on autopilot It is a myth extremely frustrating for pilots worldwide, especially since most people do not know exactly what actions can be executed autopilot system and whether Driver intervention is needed. Smith compares autopilot technology used by surgeons in the operating room: though facilitate certain actions and make them safer, far does not mean that no longer required the presence and attention of the surgeon.


6 Myths About Flying – You Need To Stop Believing

Dec 14, 2015 It’s only natural: When you’re cruising at 32000 feet, your mind starts to wander. Will my cell phone cause us to crash? Where does the air in …

A hole in the aircraft will attract everything outside aircraft It is a myth which has contributed to the popularization of Hollywood‘s full of action and his films. It depends primarily on the size of the hole in the plane, of which led to its formation and cabin pressurization level (depending on the altitude at which the plane is) to when such a situation arises. A hole caused by the explosion of a bomb, leading to sudden cabin depressurization can result in extraction of passengers in the plane.

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The good news is that in most cases depressurization takes place smoothly and the situation can be brought under control. Mobile phones interfere with the plane’s electronics Smith says most likely not the case, but civil aviation authorities prefer to act in the safest way possible to exclude any kind of problem. Electronic systems of the aircraft are extremely well shielded, but if these systems are old or malfunction occurs, you may experience some problems.

On the other hand, if the concern would be so great as I think some people, flight attendants would collect phones before takeoff or would inspect each passenger with more attention to ensure they do not use mobile phones, especially since many do not stop them in flight. Also, many companies allow phone use on “Flight Mode“.



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