5 unique experiences from Egypt!

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5 unique experiences from Egypt!

5 unique experiences from Egypt!

The experience begins on the west bank of the Nile, near the city of Luxor.An air travel at 300 meters altitude, where only the wind will decide whether to see the Colossi of Memnon – two stone statues of Pharaoh Amenhotep III – Medinet Habu temple, pharaonic necropolis of the Valley of the Kings and the Temple of Queen -faraon Hatshepsut.

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No trip to Egypt that does not include a cruise on the Nile. Besides ‘Dahabeya‘ sail that traveled kings and aristocrats in the nineteenth century, or other watercraft, more conventional, tourists can travel discerning the 200 kilometers between Aswan and Luxor with a luxury liner as Farah. Egyptian cotton sheets has crafted, wooden furniture, telescope, sauna.

For almost 1,500 years, St. Catherine’s monastery-fortress, located a few kilometers from the health resort of Sharm el-Sheikh on the Red Sea, guards the gates to Mount Sinai. According to biblical tradition, on this mountain called Jebel Musa, they have been given to Moses Tablets of the Law with the Ten Commandments.

An impressive stone staircase cut into the lead at the monastery, which houses the Orthodox monks, to the highest peak of this desert landscape.Numerous groups of tourists climbed Christians to pray.

Red Sea reefs hiding more than 400 types of coral, sunken ships, caves and abundant marine fauna so varied that sinking feeling in those waters provides entry into a fabulous world, full of life and color. No wonder it has become a sacred place for divers from all over the planet.

For those who want to live this experience, the best would be to install on any hotel in Hurghada or Sharm el-Sheikh, to make excursions, to enjoy the beach and, in passing, to make diving. Or, for nerds, to reserve a place on a cruise ship which sails every day to a different diving area.

Egypt offers the opportunity to spend a quiet night under the starry sky near Desert Dunes West, after the experience of being a witness of the surprising colors spread the sunset. Tourists have the opportunity to drive ATVs through the dunes to attend the safari, camel to go and even surfing on the dunes near Al Kataniah in Cairo.


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