5 Must know things for a New Traveler

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5 Must know things for a New Traveler


5 Must know things for a New Traveler

Maybe you are planning a trip to an exotic tropical country or you are already midway planning a trip to your nearest weekend getaway, you are already amazing! So sit down, breathe and relax rookie traveller. Here is everything you need to know before your first trip to basically anywhere.

Travel is an alluring idea. Who doesn’t want to escape the humdrum of a boring life and take a break to go somewhere fun? New people, food, culture, it’s all jazzy and exciting, isn’t it? Well, the idea of spontaneous travelling and living out of a rucksack can seem lucrative at times but the real world comes without those pretty Instagram filters. It’s not always La Vie En Rose for the first time traveller. But you see, that is the beauty of it!

You can finally let your hair down and be yourself! Travel catches you off guard and that could be a fun experience, if only you keep in mind a few things.

Worry not. Here are 5 must-know things for a new traveller:

  1. Choose an easy destination:

 Let’s get to the fun part first. You get to choose your own destination! Maybe you have always wanted a vacation in the Bahamas or visit the Red Square in Moscow, or plan a ski trip in the Alps. Let’s admit it.  Given a choice, we will always reach for the difficult and improbable, first. The Bahamas and Moscow are drop dead gorgeous destinations however, feasibility should always be taken into consideration while planning a trip.

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Start with someplace that vibes with you, that comes easy and natural to you. Planning a trip to the other end of the world sounds exciting but the entire experience could get quite overwhelming if, at all, you ever feel (or get!) stuck at a place.

  1. Documents and Insurance :

 This not so fun part, could actually be a lifesaver, at times. It is extremely important to have travel documents sorted and organized before you leave for your trip. Say for example it is wise to get your passport renewed at least before 6 months of expiry if you are planning to travel abroad. Visas are crucial to any trip abroad. Every country doesn’t necessarily demand a visa for travel, but some countries wouldn’t even allow you to step in without a visa. Make sure you get your Visas sorted months ahead of your travel date. Get photocopies of all important document, and leave a set at home for an emergency.

Also, make sure you have your travel insurance and health insurance on fleek, just to stay on the safe side. Now, this might sound weird but, if you are planning to travel to a place that is susceptible to certain diseases, it is better to get vaccinated before your journey.

  1. Budget and Extra Cash!

 Travel and chaos theory are closely related. Budgets can get you organised and save extra expenses but, sadly and luckily travels don’t always go as planned. Draw a budget and stick to it, however, carrying an extra wad of cash always comes in handy. A lot of fancy food all the time can get you sick. Try to strike a balance. Cereals and spreads are a great option for breakfast which you can carry along with you and save some cash.

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Make sure your cards are functional and let your bank know of your travel plans, just in case they decide to hold your card out of suspicion. Wallets have a tendency to run away from their owner. DO NOT have a codependent relationship with your wallet! Have some funds and cards kept somewhere, well…secret? So that even in case your wallet gets stolen, you always have a backup.

  1. Travel Light :

 Coming back to ground reality, you are going to get so exhausted at times, you WILL seriously consider ditching that huge suitcase and simply walking away. Pack just the essentials. You probably won’t need those 20 pairs of clothes and 10 pairs of shoes. Like they say – While in Rome, do as the Romans do.

Choose your outfits carefully keeping in mind the weather and place. There are certain outfits that suit every occasion and are quite weather friendly. Similarly moving around with tons of accessories is not a good idea. If you have chosen an off-road biker’s paradise, you don’t carry a garage with you. Trust the internet! You can now get all your bike accessories with just a click. A lot of stuff can overwhelm you at times. The mantra to packing light?  Simple…bare…necessities.

  1. Connectivity and Safety :

 Stay connected to your people!

Make sure your phone actually works in a different country and calling facilities are not locked. Contact your operator for any international call plans and roaming facilities while planning a trip abroad. Local sim cards are a great option if you are planning a longer stay, but for short trip and weekend getaways, simply make sure you have ‘a plan’ and your phone is working.

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A few precautions can make you ‘a 100 % theft prove’. Electronics, wallets and jewellery items are the most vulnerable to theft. Keep your luggage and electronics locked at all times and make sure your gadgets are password protected.

Oh, by the way, a pepper spray is not a girly thing.

You are all set for your journey. Explore the place and go with the flow. No guide book could give you what your senses and intuition could. Grab an 805 Beer, connect to new friends and make memories that will last you for a lifetime. Anyway, isn’t it wonderful to get beautifully lost sometimes …?

Bon voyage and au revoir!

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 Rebecca has been closely studying the travel industry trends from quite some time. Intrigued by the booming growth of this sector, she takes interest in penning down her views providing quality insight on current travel trends and also likes to write about food and beverages, particularly wine.

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