Is Taking a 3 Day Vacation Really Worth It?

Taking a vacation is one of the best ways to relieve stress and improve your overall well-being. Whether you plan to spend your getaway lounging on a tropical beach, hiking a challenging mountain trail, or visiting a nearby city, the question is, how long should you be gone? Considering the planning and preparation that goes into it, is a three-day vacation really worth it? 

Is taking a 3 day vacation really worth it? Taking a three-day vacation really is worth it. Research has shown that a long weekend getaway can improve your productivity, decrease stress levels and increase feelings of happiness before and during the trip. 

The rest of this article will explain some of the benefits of taking a three-day vacation as opposed to a longer, more lavish one. Before planning your next big trip, read on! You may find that a three-day getaway is just what you need. 

Is Taking a 3 Day Vacation Really Worth It?

Benefits of a 3 Day Weekend

While taking a three-day vacation may sound like more trouble than it’s worth, you might be surprised to learn that there are actually a lot of benefits to taking shorter, more frequent trips. 

Some of the benefits of taking a 3-day vacation are:

  • The planning process is low-stress.
  • Three-day vacations can be very budget-friendly.
  • It’s easier to disconnect from society.
  • You can take more frequent vacations.
  • Taking a break can help you improve productivity.

Longer vacations require much more planning, money, and commitment than a long weekend. Sometimes these long vacations can even induce feelings of stress, which is precisely the opposite of what a vacation should be! 

Stress-Free Planning

One of the most common reasons people don’t take vacations is because of their home responsibilities and work commitments. It’s not always easy to find someone to babysit your children, feed your animals, water your plants or watch your house. Additionally, many people find it challenging to take time off work for an extended period. 

When you opt for a long weekend rather than a lengthy, drawn-out holiday, it’s much simpler to coordinate solutions to these problems. You’ll probably have much better luck finding a willing house sitter for the weekend than you will for the month. 

Typically, a shorter vacation means that the destination is closer to home. Because of this, you don’t have to worry about coordinating complicated flight plans and connections. Instead, simply drive to your destination, check in, and enjoy! 

Stress-Free Planning


A 3-day vacation doesn’t require a huge budget. By opting for a shorter trip, you’ll save money on:

  • Food and Lodging: With only three days’ worth of food and hotel fees, you’re bound to save money. You may even consider taking it a step further and packing snacks from home! 
  • Transportation: Your mode of transportation is likely going to be less expensive since your destination is bound to be closer to home. If your vehicle gets good gas mileage, you can save a lot of money by driving, not flying, to your weekend paradise. 
  • Income Loss: If you’re not lucky enough to have an employer who provides paid vacation, trips can be expensive, not just because of the vacation cost itself but also because of the income lost while you’re away from work! Planning a three-day vacation over a weekend means you don’t have to take as much time off.

Easier To Disconnect From Society

Most people go on vacations to de-stress and unplug from society for a while. With technology growing and changing every day, this is becoming increasingly difficult. 

People that take long vacations are less likely to fully “unplug” because so much of our lives revolve around staying constantly connected to social media, work, family, and friends. It’s a much more manageable commitment to disconnect for only a few days. 

It’s also worth mentioning that only being gone for a few days means less to catch up on when you return. Towards the end of an extended vacation, you might start to worry about having a giant stack of work on your desk or a million loads of laundry upon your return. When you keep your trip brief, there’s less time for things to pile up while you’re gone. 

Easier To Disconnect From Society

Take More Frequent Vacations

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to go on several vacations throughout the year? Taking shorter, three-day breaks means that you can do just that! 

It’s easy to take frequent, three-day vacations throughout the year because: 

  • You can spread your vacation days out instead of taking them all at one time.
  • Shorter vacations are much more budget-friendly, making it easier to be spontaneous and book a quick getaway whenever you feel like you need one. 
  • The planning process is easy and beneficial! Research shows that just planning a vacation increases feelings of happiness, improving your mood and mindset up to eight weeks before the trip! 

Improve Productivity

Reducing stress isn’t the only health benefit of taking a three-day vacation. Studies have shown that when experiencing new languages, sights, sounds, experiences, and cultures, our creative abilities are boosted, and our brains are rejuvenated.

One study, in particular, showed that the overall quality of life and mood of employees improved for at least five weeks after taking a vacation!

Naturally, improving your quality of life also improves your quality of work. When well-rested, de-stressed and revitalized, humans are much more productive. 

Conclusion: Is Taking a 3-Day Vacation Even Worth It?

Taking a three-day vacation is definitely worth it. This more brief travel style makes vacation accessible to almost anyone! Not everyone can afford a lavish, two-week trip to the Maldives, but packing up the car for a weekend at the ocean might be doable. 

Science presents the benefits of shorter vacations, so we should all be more intentional about getting away for a few days on a regular basis. 

Pack up the car, see some new sights, and experience new adventures. It’s worth every moment of all three days, and you’ll be back in time for work on Monday!