12 Job ideas that you can have while traveling

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12 Job ideas that you can have while traveling

12 Job ideas that you can have while traveling

Getting out of the comfort zone is probably one of the expressions you often hear, and travels among the first recommended variants. It does not mean, however, only experiences that you spend money. They are, at the same time, an opportunity to contribute with your skills and knowledge to a new context and to be paid for it.

For 32% of tourists around the world, travel is the first option when it comes to spending money, according to the momondo.ro travel search engine. For those who wonder how it is possible to travel around the world and at the same time work to enable your next destination, we have prepared a selection of jobs that offer the freedom to travel and experience out of the everyday life .

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1. Tourist guide You do not have to be born or raised in a certain place to work as a tourist guide. Instead, if you are fascinated by a corner of the world and you want to discover its stories, it should not take you more than a few weeks to teach it as if it were in your hand, then to gather around yourselves equally curious travelers to whom you share them in the history of the place for about two hours.

2. Teacher of foreign languages A certificate recognized by an English teacher or higher education in your field increases your chances of finding a job, but things are not nailed here either. More everywhere, however, you are asked for a bachelor’s degree. Japan’s JET program is just one example. There are also online applications to teach a foreign language. NiceTalk Tutor and Boxfish are examples of Chinese companies whose applications allow students to contact English speakers (or other languages) to practice conversations. The Tandem application works with students from around the world and, in order to be able to teach through them, you will have to prove that you have a language certificate.

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3. In a bar / restaurant Maybe you’ve already worked in bars and restaurants years ago or you’ve always wanted to get out of your hands an à la carte cocktail. Moreover, it is an excellent opportunity to get in touch with new people in another country, to speak another language and, ultimately, to get to know you from a new perspective.

4. Content Writer If you count amongst those who write colleagues in school or among those who take a reading book with them, you may find a special pleasure in letting your fingers guide words on the sheet or on the keyboard. Just like the previous one, prepare your resume, ask left and right, patiently seeks the customers who need an inspired person to weave those enchanted words.

5. Teacher of dance, yoga or fitness instructor Perhaps you have not yet thought about sharing your weekly experience with the gym, but if you are passionate about the training you are already following, you are most likely prepared to start training as a trainer. The training courses and then the ones you organize can be in a place other than the one you live in, for example on an Asian beach surrounded by the eyes of other yogi students, or on a beach in America South, where the steps left on the sand are in Latin music.

6. Programmer If you are already familiar with code lines and online sites, you know that around 150,000 new websites are created each day and that specialists in the field are in great demand. Almost any business is present online and, as the limit of online is the sky, you can look for work opportunities outside your immediate neighborhood, having first a portfolio set up.

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12 Job ideas that you can have while traveling

7. Web designer You’ll never be the first traveler to win his graphic design bread. You need, by default, a handy laptop, aesthetic sense, and a few weeks / months of specialization, like, for example, tutorials and learning to handle programs like Photoshop or Illustrator. You will need to be able to juggle with terms such as CSS, Layers and HTML, and at the same time get the coding and the necessary for the good functioning of a website.

8. On a cruise ship Although work on a cruise ship is generally not easy and nights do not end too early, there are satisfying satisfactions. If you do not know what you can do on board, think of the following: translator, chef, animator, dancer / fitness instructor, babysitter, steward, spa receptionist, waiter, masseur, bartender. Moreover, the destinations you reach, the bustling ports that come in your way, can open up an unusually beautiful world.

9. Travel Photographer If you have studied or you are passionate about photography, and at the same time, your curiosity gives you every step of the way, starting with a personal portfolio. Then try to find customers, such as organizations, companies, travel agencies, and travel magazines. The second option would be to sell your photos on digital platforms; there are few who pay for good photos. For inspiration, you can read the story of a photojournalist working for National Geographic.

10. Artisan Have you ever thought that your inclination to create handmade items such as jewelery, accessories, leather products or other materials can be presented in the big city markets under the eyes of many travelers? It’s probably not one of the simplest things to do in foreign spaces, but if you make art out of a few things you have, and when you hear the word “risk,” you’re thinking about the opportunity, you’ve added another source of income possible along your journeys.

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11. Flight attendant Almost every day you are in another corner of the world; every morning, taking breakfast in another metropolis; to every work program, other faces, other cultures. All of this while you look splendid in uniform. Not only do you choose at the end of the month with a much higher than average salary, but if you really burn your travel flame and look for a stable job, an aviation career could be your daily adventure.

12. Virtual Assistant If you’re looking all day with your laptop screen, if you caught on and you’re interested in everything social media, design, content creation, digital marketing, you probably think about taking your laptop to the bottom arm and move you from the office chair to a hammock. All the more, if the hammock or the corner of the cafe where you want to continue working online, you imagine it in another city, in another culture, you are not far from the realm of possibilities. You can start working as a freelancer, finding the people who need your skills and who are willing to pay you from any corner of the world you are.

12 Job ideas that you can have while traveling

How to make money while traveling:

Passion makes good money to travel a couple of young adventurers, who gave up comfort and do around the world.

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