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11 most beautiful beaches in Greece

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11 most beautiful beaches in Greece


11 most beautiful beaches in Greece

Greece, one of the top destinations in any tourist vision, is renowned for the most beautiful beaches. That’s why it remains one of the most popular holiday destinations. We made a top of 10 most beautiful beaches in Greece. Here are the recommendations: Myrtos, Kefalonia, the largest island in the Ionian Sea Myrthos Beach is one of the most famous beaches, especially due to the role it played in the adaptation of Captain Corelli’s Mandolin. A capture that highlights the spectacular panorama can be made from the center of the island to the north. This 2.5 km long beach can be admired by driving along the coast. Myrtos Beach is noted for its white sand and crystalline water.

Sarakiniko Beach, Milos Another spectacular beach in Greece, Sarakiniko, is one of the most photographed beaches on the Aegean Sea. Big, white, water-eroded rocks create the impression of a lunar landscape that contrasts with the blue waters of the sea.

Lalária, Skiathos, among the most beautiful beaches in Greece that you reach just by the sea The small island of Skiathos is lucky because of the beaches, but you have to be an adventurous person, because only by sea you can reach Lalaria. Located in the north of the island‘s coast, the wind blows violently into the steep cliffs and creates perfectly round pebbles of various colors (“lalaria”) that cover the entire beach. Lalária is also known for the color of water, a crystalline turquoise, but also because of the steep and huge cliff situated right in the sea.
Karavostasi Northern Epirus is still unknown for many tourists, although it should not. Karavostasi beach, located 15 kilometers from Parga, is considered a true paradise of turquoise water. The coastal area is decorated with the pine forest, and the golden sand is one of the most beautiful stripes in the area.

Oidokilia, near the coast of Navarino, Messinia. One of the most beautiful beaches in Greece has the form of omega Voidokilia beach resembles the Greek Omega letter, and there are two rocky promoters in the heads. This bay is surrounded by a magnificent beach with fine sand, wind-protected, and crystalline water is an amazing setting. The protected bay is mentioned in Homer’s Odyssey, and archaeologists believe it was used by King Nestor as a harbor in ancient times.
Grias to Pidima, Andros, one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece has an interesting legend If you want a beach escape, Andros might be perfect for you. Andros is famous for its clean, crystal-clear beaches, pine forests, charming villages and canyons around it. The most famous beach is Grias Pidima, located at the foot of Faneromenis Castle where, according to legend, in the 16th century, a woman who betrayed the Venetians in a confrontation with the Turks was then thrown into the sea, turning into a huge rock.

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Shipwreck Beach, Zakynthos, among the most beautiful beaches in Greece but also in Europe Shipwreck Beach is probably the most photographed beach in Greece, also known as Navagio Bay. Her photo is the business card of Zakynthos Island, and in a top TripAdvisor it is the first place among the most beautiful beaches in Europe because of the white sand it holds. Access can only be done by boat, and when you arrive, you will see the failed ship here more than 30 years ago, now a rusty and fragile wreck that visitors have written their name. This attracts tourists more than crystalline waters and white gravel like milk.

Halikoúnas, Corfu Halikoúnas sand beach is one of the most wild and unpopular in Corfu. With a length of three kilometers, southwest of the island‘s capital, it is considered ideal for tourists who want a holiday far away from the hustle and bustle of sand dunes and want a safe sea-front place for children, and without too many arrangements.

Egremni, Lefkada Egremni is a long, white sand and turquoise water along white cliffs. It stretches over an area of ​​two kilometers and is only accessible from the sea. Prior to the 2015 earthquake, this beach could also be accessed from the island. The 350 steps that had to be lowered were renowned and accentuated the wonderful landscape, but the earthquake destroyed them. In June 2017, these stairs were not rebuilt, and the financial crisis in Greece has not yet begun their rebuilding.

Kamari, Santorini, one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece has sand … black If you like the golden beaches, Santorini is not for you. Kamári Beach is covered with black sand, and on the left side you can see the huge Mesa Vuono rock. The area is extremely attractive, especially at night, when black rocks shine in the dark. If you are a fan of water sports, Kamari Beach is the ideal place on Santorini Island from this point of view. It is a very well-groomed and organized beach that offers plenty of facilities for tourists.

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Myrtos BeachKefalonia, the largest island in the Ionian Sea

This 2.5 km long beach can be admired by driving along the coastMyrtle Beach is observed on seaside with white sand and crystal clear water of.
Greece, with its islands remains a popular destination for travelers and is one of the most popular Greek islands of RhodesCrete and Santorini are purchased in the top holiday destinations for the summer.

Sarakiniko Beach, MilosIt is one of the most photographed beaches of the Aegean Sea. Large rocks, white water eroded the impression of a lunar landscape contrasting with the blue sea.

Voutoumi Beach Antipaxi

Three kilometers south of the island of Paxos is Antipaxi, his younger sister. It is said that the sea is the clearest in this island inhabited only in summer.

Navagio Beach, Zakynthos

Since 1983, she is known as the “beach wreck” after the ship Panagiotis, who belonged to smugglers, was shipwrecked here while transporting cigarettes. Navagio beach with its white sand, limestone cliffs and turquoise waters, is accessible only by sea, but the journey is worth every effort.

Best Beaches in Greece – Travelers’ Choice Awards – TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor – Travelers’ Choice Awards. Find out what the best beaches in Greece are as awarded by millions of real travelers.


The reasons are many: short way away (in Geecia mainland) or plane (2-3 hours to any island), good service, delicious Mediterranean food and spectacular scenery. In addition, the country boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe and even the world, with turquoise waters, spectacular cliffs and sandy, and tourists who visit them will stay with unforgettable memories. Most of them are not crowded, clean and wearing blue flag for the safest beaches . US publication “The Huffington Post” achieved a ranking of the most beautiful beaches five Greek:

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Three little-known Greek islands to tourists

List of islands of Greece – Wikipedia

Greece has an extremely large number of islands, with estimates ranging from somewhere … The Greek islands are traditionally grouped into the following clusters: The Argo-Saronic Islands in the Saronic gulf near Athens, the Cyclades,  …


As more picturesque and quiet are the Greek islands of ParosAntiparos and Pano Koufonisi, unexplored beaches and rustic taverns. Lindsay Talbot, the Huffington Post, has discovered the secret charm pleased less visited islands in the Cyclades archipelago. Here too there is no luxury shops, busy restaurants or nightclubs. Instead, tourists will get surprises if you like to explore the quiet beauty of these places.

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