10 reasons to visit South Africa

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10 reasons to visit South Africa

10 reasons to visit South Africa

Safari, exotic animals, Zulus, football, rugby, extreme sports, incredible beaches, parks, hotels and restaurants of the highest quality, some of the best wines in the world and a history overwhelming. These are just some of the ingredients that have transformed a country until recently associated with aperthaidul and street violence in one of the most coveted tourist destinations of the world. And since the onset of the 2010 World Cup around the corner, we offer 10 reasons to visit this African country, during which parties will remain between watching sport king …


The best time to visit South Africa – Travel Tips – South African …

But depending on the experiences you seek, there may be another time that’s more suitable to visit South Africa’s game parks. For example, if you want to see …

Reasons to visit South Africa – Kruger National 

The area considered a veritable heaven for thousands of years, hunters and gatherers for South African Kruger National Park has become today one of the largest and most famous nature reserves in the world. With an area of 18,989 square kilometers, the park has a length of 360 kilometers from north to south and 64 kilometers from east to west. A huge and exciting stretch where tourists can witness the spectacle full of wildlife. In fact, one of the most popular clips ever posted on YouTube, Battle at Kruger , was recorded even in this national park.

No more than 6 ecosystems are found throughout the reserve, where they can be found 1982 species of plants, 517 species of birds, 147 species of mammals (including the 5 Giant of Africa: lion, elephant, rhino, leopard and buffalo African ) and 114 species of reptiles, including alligators 3000. Also to be found Kruger and 350 wild dogs African species which exist on the territory of South Africa less than 400 copies. Park owns a huge “family” of elephants, about 12,000 copies, and this despite the fact that reservation can not sustain than 8,000 such mammals.

Kruger National Park is also one of the most popular tourist destinations of South Africa, is equipped with 21 camps and 15 cottages for safari enthusiasts.

Reasons to visit South Africa – largest baobab in the world

South African natives believed that baobab offended Creator, therefore, he planted the tree upside down. If you’ve seen a baobab, especially in winter, when its branches like some huge roots ascend to heaven, you will understand, certainly, that ancient African saying.

Baobab is a solitary tree, with a gigantic trunk that can live perfectly adapted to the African environment for thousands of years. The tree we will talk about today is in Modjadjiskloof small town in the north and is one of the main tourist attractions of the municipality Limpopo. Its age exceeds 6000 years, making it even older than the Egyptian pyramids. Just imagine that when his first leaf emergence, Sahara desert was not far from today’s huge.

The trunk or the interior was cleaned in 1993, one of the very old baobab feature being to remain empty on the inside, without this affecting their existence. There was little surprise them rangers when they found traces of ancient prehistoric people who had found shelter in the giant baobab trunk.

Today, in the vast auditorium of the tree was a bar with a capacity of 60 seats. Do you find it more? Then you have to say that the current baobab circumference is 47 meters, that at a height of 22 meters. And what is even more spectacular is that the venerable tree blooms still regularly every spring and is home to several tens birds, including two pairs of owls.

Reasons to visit South Africa – Südwind

Located in Mpumalanga province in eastern South Africa, Südwind caves are considered the oldest caves in the world, with an age exceeding 240 million years. Moreover, the rocks that make up the walls of caves dating from the Precambrian, was formed 3.8 billion years ago. The caves were used as shelter since the dawn of mankind, and because of this constant source of fresh air that exists in these underground rooms. In modern times, Südwind caves were rediscovered in the nineteenth century by Somquba, son of King Sobhuza I (1780-1839), when he seeks refuge in a military brother, Mswati II.

Becoming a major tourist attraction in South African caves Südwind currently hosting concerts and offers tourists a journey of 5:00 through some of the rarest and most beautiful creations of nature, including the famous crystal chamber, made of aragonite crystals .

Reasons to visit South Africa – Durban

Palm trees; golden sand; huge waves, ideal for surfing; or lagoons with calm waters in which to spend time with family; five-star hotels; luxury apartments and one of the largest and richest ports of the world, all in a warm climate all year round, specific Indian Ocean … these are the ingredients that made the Durban beaches one of the most popular tourist destinations in Africa South.

Locals call and Miami Beach beaches of Africa, and those who were fortunate enough to see them can tell you that not exaggerating at all.

Reasons to visit South Africa – Robben

Do not expect to find Robben Island beaches, prehistoric sites or, at least, a sample of the ancient history of South African natives. You will not find any of them. In fact, Robben Island, with an area of only 5 square kilometers, it seems, rather, a place forsaken, desolate and dominated by huge and famous political prison where they were imprisoned the fiercest opponents of Dutch colonialism.

This is, in fact, tourist attraction of the island. It must be said that here on Robben Island, among other famous prisoners brought even the Dutch colonies in Indonesia, was jailed for decades best color former president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela .

Another point of interest offered by Robben Island (Seal Island, in Dutch) is, as its name says, the colony of seals and penguins existence here. The reality is that once a thriving colony of these animals, Robben Island was devastated by European colonists after they released several families of rabbits to provide a potential food source sailors who had failed here, a practice highly harmful to the environment, but often used in past centuries by navigators.

In just a few years, the rabbits were able to exterminate seals and penguins on the island, only control authorities in decades managed to reduce their number and allow early penguins reoccupy their island in 1983.

Robben Island is a real cemetery of Dutch and British vessels in ages past. Dozens of shipwrecks, of which the best known is the Dutch sunk with a treasure estimated at tens of millions of pounds gold, lying on the bottom of the Indian Ocean with no chance of being recovered. The Reason? Extremely strong currents and huge waves that make impossible any attempt permanent immersion.

Reasons to visit South Africa – Blyde River

It is considered one of the great natural wonders of the world and at the same time, it is the third largest canyon of the Earth after the Grand Canyon Fish River Canyon in the US and Namibia. It is, however, only canyon “green” of the planet. Trips included in the negotiated package travel or onsite can wear through a veritable paradise, home to thousands of species of plants, fish, birds, mammals and reptiles, many of which are endangered in the world.

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