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10 of the best camping Sites in Kenya

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10 of the best camping Sites in Kenya

10 of the best camping Sites in Kenya

Going for a camping adventure can provide alternate methods of relaxation and unwinding. You get a first hand experience of life in the wilderness: Sleeping under the stars, waking up to the chirping and singing of birds, not forgetting a spectacular view of Africa’s most amazing wildlife.

Kenya is home to a good number of camping sites. Some are luxurious; others are not your everyday kind of campsite. What stands out about each of these camp sites is that no two camp experiences are the same. You cannot resist the temptation to have a taste of all.

Here is a list of 10 campsites that are worth paying a visit.

1. Rapid’s Camp, Sagana

Rapid’s Camp is located by the River Sagana. River Sagana is in Kirinyaga County. It boasts of exotic surrounding and a landscape that leaves your mouth agape with wonder.

At Rapid’s Camp boredom is not an option. There are activities to keep you occupied throughout your stay. These include: camping, white water rafting, bungee jumping and a variety of team building activities.

The campsite has superb picnic grounds. There is a catering unit to attend to all your culinary needs. Just in case you have no camping gear, Rapid’s Camp also hires out tents at affordable rates.

2. Malewa Bush Ventures

Malewa Bush Ventures is located in Naivasha next to Kigio Wildlife Conservancy. The environment is breathtakingly beautiful with luxuriant vegetation. The campsite has both luxury and dome tents.

At Malewa Bush Ventures the activities are such that you are energized day after day. They range from rock climbing, trekking, and game viewing, boating and fishing. It would be considered a crime to leave the campsite without getting a feel of these activities.

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3. Camp Carnelly’s

Camp Carnelly’s is a campsite of its own. What you would call a hippy chic kind of campsite. The campsite is located in Naivasha. The outdoor atmosphere is just awesome. The campsite is situated next to the beautiful Lake Naivasha.

Some of the activities to engage in at Camp Carnelly’s include: rock climbing, boating and water sports, bird watching, hiking, fishing and not forgetting the walking safari.

4. El Karama

El Karama is located in the heart of Laikipia County. The campsite has luxurious camping facilities. There is a wide array of plant life as well as animals. The campsite is by the river. The cottages just give you a feeling of home.

Some of the activities offered are: nature walking, fly camping and their exquisite meals in the bush.

5. Camp Malta

For those looking for a quiet Christian setting, Camp Malta is the place to be. The campsite is located in Thika town. It is about one hour’s drive from Nairobi. The atmosphere is peaceful and relaxing. It is a good place to meditate and think matters spiritual.

The activities include: rock climbing, team building as well as various expeditions.

10 of the best camping Sites in Kenya

6. Old Moses; Shipton’s Camp

Old Moses & Shipton’s Camps are not your ordinary campsites. The campsites are situated mid-way up Mt. Kenya. The camps provide the ideal stop over for people climbing the mountain. The camp offers the most basic facilities.

The camp has a sleeping area as well as kitchen facilities. There are no meals provided. The campers have the luxury of preparing their own meals. There is a dining area where you can have your meals and mingle with others on the same quest as you are.

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7. Camp ya Kanzi

Camp ya Kanzi is located deep in the heart of the Maasai community, at the foot of Kyulu Hills. At Camp ya Kanzi you are treated to the most awesome wilderness experience. Here you get to experience the Maasai culture first hand. As a bonus you get escorted by a Maasai moran on the daily safaris.

The game drives are the striking feature of this campsite. On a good day you are assured of a close range view of lions and elephants.

8. Kembu Farm

Kembu Farm is situated just outside Nakuru town. Nakuru is approximately four hours drive from Nairobi. After the hustle and bustle of daily activities, all you want is peace and tranquility. At Kembu Farm there are no noisy neighbors. It is serene with very beautiful gardens.

The accommodation is quite comfortable. You are required to cater for your own meals. There is a spacious kitchen to put your cooking skills into practice.

9. Wildebeest Eco Camp

Wildebeest Eco Camp is the ideal getaway for busy Nairobi people. The camp is located in Lang’ata next to Mamba Village. It is a few kilometers from the city center. It offers the perfect place to unwind after a busy week.

The campsite has facilities to suit your budget. They have the low budget tents which are simple. They camp also has luxurious tents that have electricity and toilets that are flush-able.

10. Tumbili Cliff, Baringo

We wind up with Tumbili Cliff located in Baringo county. The campsite is on the banks of Lake Baringo. It has a magnificent view of the countryside. This camp provides a perfect opportunity to explore areas not regularly visited.

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At Tumbili Cliff you are treated to unique boat safaris where you see hippos and crocodiles. There are about 450 identified bird species. If you are lucky you might get to see a good number of them. It is also an opportune time to interact with the Njemps and Pokot communities.

As you take walks on the cliffs overhanging the lake, you get a picturesque view of the flamingos who are daily visitors to the lake.

There you have it. 10 of the most fascinating places to relax that isn’t your ordinary holiday. Therefore when planning your next holiday get out of your comfort zone. Be adventurous a little. Explore more of the outdoors. You can be guaranteed a holiday like no other.

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