10 Italian experiences for every wine lover

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10 Italian experiences for every wine lover 1
10 Italian experiences for every wine lover

10 Italian experiences for every wine lover

Wine, food, people make Italy a unique combination.

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italian-food-experiences-tuscany. Get involved in agrotourism in Pistoia—try some warm sheep’s milk ricotta made right in front of your eyes.


1. To spend a holiday in Piedmont
Although promoted Tuscany is the region‘s proximity to Rome and Florence, Piedmont is the region with the finest wines and the best restaurants in northern Italy. Because it is positioned on the border with France, the influences are seen in the kitchen area, which is a mix of Italian and French specialties.Whether you choose to accommodate in Torina, Cuneo and Alba, give yourself a few days to explore the region and enjoying the best of everything to offer.

2. Visit and Barbaresco Barolo wine-growing areas
In Piedmont is also the second most popular wine regions in Italy: Barolo and Barbaresco, considered the “king and queen” wines. When you stop any wineries in the area, you can be sure that you will find high quality wines.

3. Giving a tour of the “Wine Bank” at the University of Gastronomic Sciences
Italians take food seriously, as proof that they were the first to create a university of gastronomy in the world. University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo, Bra, where tuition costs 19,000 euros per year, is the place where was born the movement “slow food”. But wine lovers must come here for another reason – the legendary basement houses a university called “Bank Del Vino” or “Wine Bank”. Of course, here you can taste and wine, and prices start from € 8 (entrance fee with a glass of wine included) and get 20 euro (entrance fee, 5 glasses of wine included).

4. Sip white wine in Orvieto, Umbria
About Umbria is said to be a less touristy version of Tuscany, located to the north. The region is located at a short distance from Rome and is full of ancient cities built on hills. The most famous is the town of Orvieto, built on some rocks. This white wine is considered the best wine in the region – is said to have been over time, and a favorite of the Vatican.

5. To treat yourself with a pizza and a carafe of wine in Naples
What could be more pleasant than to eat the best pizza around Italy and enjoy a carafe of wine? If you want to live this experience, take a flight to Naples and do not go there until you visit the best pizza in town : Da Michele, Il Pizzaiolo di Presidente, Pizzeria Brandi and Port’Alba.

10 Italian experiences for every wine lover

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6. Drink a glass of Prosecco in urban vineyard in Venice
For wine lovers, Venice is more than a romantic city in which to walk to the gondola and you make a picture in front of the cathedral of San Marco. In northern Venetian lagoon is Mazzorbo, occupied mostly by vineyards of wine lazy lie in the sun. They belong to the family Bisol, which produce Prosecco for 21 generations and one of the most prominent names in the industry. Once here, visit their winery and restaurant (both called “Venissa”) and collides a glass of Prosecco.

7. enjoying a glass of Frascati in Rome
Frascati is a wine with a long history – it is said that gold was the wine of the Roman Empire 5,000 years before Christ. You can find it in either sweet and dry, as well as a sparkling wine or as normal. It is a perfect drink for aperitif before dinner served in the Italian capital consistency.

8. To live experience “Al Fresco”
Italians enjoy nature, wherever they are. As as evidence, they invented the notion of “Al fresco”, which means mananaci out into the open. Whether you put a table in the yard or garden, or buy a bottle of wine, some mozzarella and prosciutto and go to the nearest park, you can enjoy a relaxing experience in the Italian style.

9. sip a glass of wine on the cliffs of Cinque Terre
The five small village in the Cinque Terre are among the most picturesque places in Italy, the unrivaled charm. Nothing compares to a restaurant enjoyed wine here in the evening at sunset.

10. To visit the wine region of Sicily Vittoria
Sicily starts to become increasingly popular as a tourist destination for wine lovers, who began to take taste the wines produced at the foot of Mount Etna. Vittoria is the only wine region with denomination of controlled origin and tasted wines produced here go perfectly under the Mediterranean sun.

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The liqueurs have a somewhat thick syrupy consistency and are meant for sipping. Just be careful how much you drink or you’ll be stumbling home. — David P.S. Thanks Ben for letting me share my Italian food experiences!


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